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Foraging Scotland is a small Galloway based business run by mycology enthusiast and astronomy tour guide Jesse Beaman.

Back in 2016 Jesse began running Stargazing Scotland, delivering events under Galloway's pristine dark skies. Since then his interest in the world of mushroom hunting and other wild edibles has evolved, and so he decided to turn his skills as a tour guide to wild food.

Now alongside offering Jesse's stargazing tours and hand made astrophotography prints, guided fungi walks across the region are available in and around the Galloway Forest Park.

Leaving the woods with a basket full of wood hedgehog mushrooms and chanterelles

Foraging Scotland  proudly supports the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere... organisation driven by collaboration, connecting business and the public with the natural World in which they operate and live.

The GSA Biosphere form and encourage connections between community members across the region, encouraging the support of conservation, education in the natural World to benefit the environment and economy. 

As a supporter Foraging Scotland is able to communicate with other Biosphere members in Galloway, Southern Ayrshire and other UNESCO sites globally, facilitating potential collaboration on a national and international scale.

foraging scotland supports the GSA Biosphere
Jesse Beaman showing a foraging group a birch bolete during a guided fungi tour

"...simply blown away."

"...a very relaxed and engaging communication style, clearly passionate and knowledgeable about fungi and helping others to share your passion and knowledge."

"a very informative afternoon."

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