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wild fungi chanterelle pizza ready for the oven

Wild mushroom recipes

It's hard to decide which part of the process is more exciting; strolling through the woods in Scotland searching for delicious wild food to forage, or bringing the food home and finding new ways to prepare and enjoy it. Perhaps you're looking for inspiration after attending a guided fungi walk with Foraging Scotland? Or maybe you've found some wild edibles on your own. This page will hopefully give you a few ideas when it comes to cooking up some delicious wild fungi dishes...

freshly baked chanterelle mushroom pizza


A delicious thin base pizza with wine fried garlic chanterelles, green pesto and parmesan.


Porcini mushroom steaks marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil before going over the fire. Perfect in a crusty baguette with salad and sun dried tomatoes.

foraged porcini mushroom steaks cooking on the barbecue
foraged wild mushroom, parmesan and basil recipe


A light Italian style parmesan pasta with wine fried wild mushrooms and plenty of fresh basil.


Porcini mushrooms dry incredibly well, and add rich thickening umami flavours to soups, sauces, sides whilst also performing well as the main event in a Winter risotto. Dried Porcini is a must have kitchen supply for any wild food enthusiast!

Jesse of Foraging Scotland laying out porcini slices for drying

Coming soon; chicken of the woods burgers, wood blewitt and hazlenut risotto, cream of chanterelle soup. 

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